Braglia Contract Division srl is part of Braglia Stucchi Group, a company with more than 50 years of experience in production of plaster decoration, both project-based and custom made.

The idea of the Contract branch is the answer to prevailing need af a complete service, guaranteed in terms of timing and costs.

Our purpose, our strenght is to master a wide range of techniques from classic style to contemporary design. We make any of building unique and memorable by creating single components and elements both in gypsum and plaster, and taking care of every aspects and stages of work, from the planning of building structure to the smallest decoration.

Made in Italy is our signature bringing into our creations the same passion and care that distinguish handcrafted production and the experience as world leader in the market.

Planning, organization, high professional consultancy, and expert management make our company competent, competitive, efficient and result based.

All this is possibie thanks to a team of professionals at the complete service of the costumer always working for the lowest environmental impact.

Satisfying wishes and requests of our customers, respecting the taditional value of the handmade production, of the environment and of the human being.

Braglia Contract Division is the result of combination of traditional values and culture with innovation and modern techinques, uniqueness and luxury with simplicity and grace, minimal and linear style with complex and elaborated concepts, always looking at the satisfaction of our customer and to the emphathization of beauty.